Atharva Veda

The Hymns of the Atharvaveda

Translation by Ralph T.H. Griffith



To Indra and Agni, for the detection and destruction of evil spirits

1          Bring the Kimidin hither, bring the Yātudhāna self-declared
            For Agni, God, thou, lauded, hast become the Dasyu's slaughterer.

2          O Jātavedas, Lord Supreme, controller of our bodies, taste
            The butter, Agni, taste the oil: make thou the Yātudhānas mourn.

3          Let Yātudhānas mourn, let all greedy Kimidins weep and wail:
             And, Agni, Indra, may ye both accept this sacrifice of ours.

4          May Agni seize upon them first, may strong-armed Indra drive them forth:
            Let every wicked sorcerer come hither and say, Here am I.

5          Let us behold thy strength, O Jātavedas. Viewer of men, tell us the Yātudhānas.
             Burnt by thy heat and making declaration let all approach this sacrifice before thee.

6          O Jātavedas, seize, on them: for our advantage art thou born:
             Agni, be thou our messenger and make the Yātudhānas wail.

7          O Agni, bring thou hitherward the Yātudhānas bound and chained.
            And afterward let Indra tear their heads off with his thunder- bolt.



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