Atharva Veda

The Hymns of the Atharvaveda

Translation by Ralph T.H. Griffith



A charm to ensure health and prosperity by wearing an amulet

1          For length of life, for mighty joy, uninjured, ever showing strength.
            We wear Vishkandha's antidote, the Amulet of Jangida.

2          Amulet of a thousand powers, Jangida save us, all around.
            From Jambha, and from Viara, Vishkandha, and tormenting pain.

3          This overcomes Vishkandha, this chases the greedy fiends away:
             May this our panacea, may Jangida save us from distress.

4          With Jangida that brings delight, Amulet given by the Gods,
            We in the conflict overcome Vishkandha and all Rākshasas.

5          May Cannabis and Jangida preserve me from Vishkandha,  that
            Brought to us from the forest, this sprung from the saps of husbandry.

6          This Amulet destroys the might of magic and malignity:
            So may victorious Jangida prolong the years we have to live.

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