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History of Modern India

History of Modern India

Modern History of India - Indian Freedom Struggle

The Indian Mutiny of 1857 End of the East India Company Formation of Indian National Congress (INC) Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

History of Modern India presents an authoritative overview of the history of what was known as British India. its start from Decline of the Mughal Empire to 1947. This explains how conditions in India during the eighteenth century helped the British East India Company establish its rule in India. It also gives us important insights into the primary aim of colonial rule which was the economic exploitation of India through trade and investment. The section also focus on the nationalist movement and introduces us to the contributions of different individuals who were behind the nationalist movement.

Ancient History of India

The Indus Valley Civilization Vedic civilization The Buddhist Era Alexander's Invasion The Mauryan Empire Gupta Dynasty Harshavardhana The Chalukyas of Badami The Pallavas of Kanchi

History of India - Medieval

Babar Humayun Akbar Jehangir Shah Jahan Aurangzeb Decline of Mughal Empire The Decline of the Mughal Empire The Palas The Senas The Pratihara The Rashtrakutas The Chola Empire of the South Muslim Invasion In India The Delhi Sultanate The Slave Dynasty The Khilji Dynasty The Tughlaq Dynasty Timur's Invasion The Sayyid Dynasty The Lodhi Dynasty Vijayanagar Empire Bahmani Kingdom Bhakti Movement Sufi Movement The Mughal Empire Sher Shah Suri Rise of the Sikh Power Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
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India Modern History