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Disaster Management Department, Bihar Government

Disaster Management Department of Bihar

आपदा प्रबंधन विभाग, बिहार सरकार

आपदा प्रबंधन विभाग, बिहार सरकार का परिचय

(Introduction of Disaster Management Department)

As Bihar is vulnerable to different kinds of disaster due to its geographical and topographical location, it is prone to Flood, Drought, Fire and Earthquake. According to seismic zoning, some parts of the State are in Zone-IV & Zone-V, which can cause devastation as bad as BHUJ (Gujrat) and LATUR (Maharashtra). 

The natural calamities result in recurring annual losses and minimal developmental gains. A need for greater awareness and information sharing to bring the different agencies working in this area to support at the time of National emergency with their skills and resources, which resulted in development of information and ideas through Web Technology. The nodal agency for information and gap analysis for the people of Bihar during the Natural and Human Emergency is Disaster Management Department, Govt. of Bihar. A separate control room has been setup at the Main Secretariat, Patna under the aegis of Commissioner-cum-Secretary, Disaster Management Department, Patna which will help the suffering people in co-ordination with other agencies, government and non government. Humanitarian Assistance had been provided to the affected people in the districts during the previous year floods in the state. The lists are as mentioned below -

1. Distribute Community tents to Affected Area

2. Create temporary shelters, health camps, vetenary camps, nutritional feeding for pregnant women and infants up to 6 years, temporary roofing for families & equipments support for strengthening the state control room & district control room.

3. Arrange Tarpaulin Sheets, Halogen tablets, Bleaching Powder & Equipments among people of the affected area.

4. Prepare and distribute family food packets.

Disaster Risk Management Programme, which is working under Disaster Management Department, Govt. of Bihar, has decided to setup District Control Rooms with the latest art of the technology having computers, fax, scanners, copiers and Internet connectivity so as to develop the data bank related to disasters, consequences and relief management for generating the Knowledge base for the people of Bihar. An important part of this mission is providing assistance to prepare for and recover from natural or man-made disasters that can result in great human and economic losses.


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Disaster Management Department of Bihar