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Information Technology Department, Bihar Government

Functions of Information Technology Department, Bihar Government

Functions of Information Technology Department, Bihar Government

Functions & Objectives

The State Government has set upon itself the following objectives to implement the strategy outlined above:

IT Infrastructure:

 To create a world class IT infrastructure and connectivity for e-Governance in the state linking its offices from the State HQs down to districts and blocks, to ensure connectivity for panchayati raj institutions, to facilitate setting up of broadband digital networks and encourage National Long Distance Operators (NLDOs) to build robust fiber optic network in the State.


 To use e-Governance to implement Government's agenda of Good Governance, to improve the internal processes of the government through deployment of Information Technology, administrative reforms, re-engineering and modernization with a view to providing an efficient, responsive, transparent and cost effective Government; to take all necessary steps to gain the maximum advantage under the National e-Governance Plan and the resources available therein for ushering in e-Governance in the State.

Citizen Services:

 To use IT to bring various services to the people at minimum cost on, anywhere, anytime basis, to bridge the digital divide between urban and rural areas by implementing the schemes of Common Services Centres (CSC) to provide G2C and B2C services to the citizens at their doorstep, to undertake computerization of government offices to enable them to respond to citizen's electronic requests for services and information.

e-Literacy and IT Education:

 To promote measures for in government offices as well as among the masses, to ensure IT education in schools and colleges, to set up dedicated institutions for IT education in public and private sector.

IT Industry:

To create a favorable climate in the State for investments in the IT, ITES & knowledge-based industries with a view to generating employment, earning income through exports and encouraging e-Commerce, thereby significantly increasing the contribution of the IT sector to the State GDP.

Regulatory Issues:

To devise appropriate legal and regulatory framework for efficient administration of IT and ITES; to prevent misuse of ICT and protect intellectual property rights, patents & trademarks.

Implementation and Monitoring:

To build appropriate administrative framework for implementation and monitoring of IT activities in the State.


National Record 2012

Most comprehensive state website

Bihar became the first state in India to have separate web page for every city and village in the state on its website www.brandbihar.com (Now www.brandbharat.com)

See the record in Limca Book of Records 2012 on Page No. 217