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History of Kishanganj

History of Kishanganj

A portion of Bihar, situated in the North East. Bordering W. Bengal, Bangla Desh and Nepal has been undeveloped for a long time. Gradually, it made some progress. But, the speed of progress was not so encouraging. Fortunately, it become a district in 1990. It is heartening to see that the day it was declared a district, the progress and Development activities also commenced giving a new look of the area.

Peace loving people became conscious. Being in an agricultural belt, previously, they were not so active. they were content with what was available easily. Today, the situation has charged and conditions are very much inspiring.

Administrative and Financial support by the Government and the Co-operation of enlightened persons of the community have facilitated the rapid development of the Area.

The Business in Kishanganj has given a new look to the market. The consumers do not have to go to Siliguri, Kolkatta , Katihar or Patna so often now. They get what they want without going anywhere. Different Banking facilities have become available.

Communication and road facilities have improved a lot. Roads are getting repaired and lighted here and there. Several kinds of Factory and Mill are in operation as well as underway.

Town Hall, Stadium, Nehru Park, Khagra Mela, , Novoday Vidyalaya, M.G.M. College, Lion Seva Kendra, Tauheed Educational Institute, Total literacy campaign and the trainings in the name of Ujala and Angna Vidyalaya under the supervision of Bihar Education Project are some of the special features of this District.

Education is spreading. The number of Government and private schools is increasing. Vocational, Technical, Professional and medical facilities are providing many sided such needs of the Area.


National Record 2012

Most comprehensive state website

Bihar became the first state in India to have separate web page for every city and village in the state on its website www.brandbihar.com (Now www.brandbharat.com)

See the record in Limca Book of Records 2012 on Page No. 217