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Junagadh District, Gujarat

Geography of Junagadh, Gujarat

The district is located on the Kathiawar peninsula in western Gujarat. It is surrounded by Rajkot District (North), Porbandar District (North-West), Amreli District (East). To the South and West is the Arabian Sea.

Culture of Junagadh, Gujarat

Cuisine of Junagadh, Gujarat

Places of interest in Junagadh, Gujarat

Porbandar, Mahatma Gandhi's birthplace, was earlier a part of this district, before the Porbandar district was carved out of Junagadh district.Junagadh has a mountain range called Girnar which is a place of pilgrimage for Hinduism and Jainism. Junagadh contains the Gir Forest National Park, which is the only home to Asiatic lions. Mount Girnar is also declared a forest reserve for Bamboos. "Girnari Giddh", the long-billed vultures, are found only on Girnar, as the Girnar region alone accounts for about 25 per cent of the species and about 10 per cent of the total vulture population in the Gujarat State.


Events in Junagadh, Gujarat

National Record 2012

Most comprehensive state website

Bihar became the first state in India to have separate web page for every city and village in the state on its website www.brandbihar.com (Now www.brandbharat.com)

See the record in Limca Book of Records 2012 on Page No. 217