Geography of Jharkhand

Jharkhand occupies a forest track in the Santhal Parganas and the Chhotanagpur plateau. Jharkhand is a mountain region which is covered with a dense growth of forests. Jharkhand is surrounded by West Bengal on the eastern side, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh on the western side and by Orissa on the southern side. On the north is the state of Bihar.

Geographical Area of  Jharkhand state -
The state of Jharkhand has a total area of about 79,714 square kilometer, out of which 18,423 square kilometer area is covered by deep forests. The total land available for cultivation in Jharkhand is about 38 lakh hectares. Agriculture is the main source of employment in the state. Total area under plantation and horticulture - 2.57 lakh hectares. Much of the state is covered in forests, which helps to conserve a fascinating wild life.

Irrigation and Power-
There are many rivers flowing and passing by the geography of Jharkhand. The main sources of water in the state of Jharkhand are the rivers.
Damodar, North Koyel, Maurakshi, Barakar, South Koyel, Ajay, Karkai and Subarnarekha are the major rivers of Jharkhand. The net irrigated area of the state is 1.57 lakh hectares. The power installation capacity in Jharkhand is 2590 mega watts.It comprises of 420 MW of the Tenughat Thermal Power Station, 1200 MW of the Damodar Valley Corporation Thermal or Hydel Project, 840 MW of the Patratu Thermal Power Station and 130 MW of the Sikkidri Hydel Project. The prognoses of the capacity addition of the hydel and the thermal sectors of the different power stations are 4,736 MW. It also includes 686 MW of hydel generation.

Minerals in Jharkhand -
Geography of Jharkhand is rich in minerals. In fact, Jharkhand is the richest state in the country as far as the availability of mineral resources is concerned. The minerals found in abundance in Jharkhand are bauxite, coal, iron ore, pyrite, limestone, copper ore, china clay, fine clay, graphite, soap stone, silica sand and quartz sand.


Transportation in Jharkhand -
Jharkhand is a state with a very well developed railway system. The major railway stations in Jharkhand are Bokaro, Ranchi,Jamshedpur and Dhanbad.
Jharkhand state has a total road length of about 4,311 km, including 1,500 km national highways and 2,711 km of the state highways.
It has well developed airway routes also. Delhi, Mumbai and Patna are linked by air routes with Ranchi.

Industry in Jharkhand -
Some of the main industries of the state of Jharkhand are:
Bokaro Steel Plant in the public sector and the Tata Iron and Steel Company in the private sector at Jamshedpur.
Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company (TELCO).
Bharat Cooking Limited at Dhanbad
Timken India Ltd at Jamshedpur
Khilari Cement Factory at Palamau
ACC Cement at Chaibsa
Indian Aluminium at Muri
Central Coalfields Ltd at Ranchi
Hindustan Copper Ltd at Mussabani
Usha Martin, Usha Corporation, Usha Beltron Corporation (I) Ltd at Jadugora
Tin Plate Company of India Ltd at Jamshedpur
Hindalco Bauxite at Lohardaga
Indian Explosive Ltd at Gomia


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