Public Health Engineering Department of Uttar Pradesh

लोक स�?वास�?थ�?य यांत�?रिकी विभाग, उत�?तर प�?रदेश सरकार

लोक स�?वास�?थ�?य यांत�?रिकी विभाग, उत�?तर प�?रदेश सरकार का परिचय

(Introduction of Public Health Engineering Department)

Department of Water Supply and Sanitation was initially known a Public Health Branch of PWD which came into existence in the year 1956. Prior to that it was functioning as a part of Building and Roads Branch. The department was responsible for all types of Public Health Engineering Works viz. Water Supply and Sanitary installation in Government Buildings/Institutions and Public Health Engineering works in Urban Estate, grain markets etc.

At the Secretariat Level Department was under the Administrative Control of Principal Secretary to Govt. Punjab Department of Public Health.

Objectives of Public Health Engineering Department, Uttar Pradesh Government

  1. The Department endeavors to provide safe drinking water in adequate quantity to rural habitations on sustainable basis.
  2. To ensure permanent drinking water security in rural areas.
  3. To promote conjunctive use of ground water, surface water and rain water harvesting to achieve sustainability.
  4. To involve rural community in planning and execution of rural water supply schemes and to make the community capable of operation & maintenance of schemes on their own.
  5. To improve rural hygiene by providing individual toilets and sewerage system.
  6. To encourage the rural population to properly manage water supply and sanitation facilities to make villages Nirmal Gram.
  7. Besides this, the department has been educating and imparting guidance to the public regarding water quality monitoring and surveillance, create awareness about the water borne diseases and other health hazards caused due to lack of sanitation and open defecation.